Sky & Lock story

(with some interferences by Lock)

It all started just because I was curious

That particular day in August 1997 (can't recall the exact date… what to do, getting old and forgetful ;)) for no reason at all (I guess I was just damn bored) I was surfing the Net. Nobody on my ICQ list was online. Therefore, just to fulfill my curiosity, I started to search the ICQ list for those people who use 'Roxette' as their nick. If you don't know, I'm a big fan of the Swedish duo Roxette. :)

Not many were on the search result list. I looked through their info one by one. Accidentally (bighead as usual), I double-clicked a search result instead of right-click on the info. The result? That person was added to my ICQ list, and a notification was sent him! Without much thought, I just deleted that person off from my ICQ list…

That same afternoon, because of continuous requests of a friend, I decided to install ICQ for the first time. I wasn't really attracted by the idea, I had internet at home since few months and I wasn't crazy about chats…

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